Team Strategy


Team Strategy


Do your teams function smoothly?
Do employees trust each other?
Are there recurring behaviors that drive the team to distraction and decreased productivity?

Using the 5 Dysfunctions of Teams framework by acclaimed author, Patrick Lencioni, we challenge teams to develop a common language and define the working agreements they need to be most effective.

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The goal of this session is to get to the core issue(s) a team is struggling with and, together, define what the most productive dynamic could and should look like. Participants leave the session with a list of norms and agreements on how they will work together, continue to build trust, and drive productivity.

Our facilitators use a variety of tools and techniques, grounded in neuroscience. These tools foster group discussion, knowledge sharing, problem solving and decision-making in order to maximize the full potential, insight, confidence, and commitment of each person around the table. Because the nature of our sessions is driven by the organic insights of participants, we are flexible in our facilitation, but recommend this session if you’re interested in...

Example of sessions


  • Team Integration

  • Process Evaluation

  • Addressing the Elephant in the Room

  • Conflict Resolution

  • New Team Cohesiveness

  • Culture Problems

  • Communication Problems

Strategic Planning:

  • Business Focus

  • Business Values

  • Short & Long Term Planning

  • Team Norms

  • Culture, Values, Visions

  • Where do we want to be in ???

  • Who are we as a company?

  • Succession Planning