Are your meetings draining the energy from your teams?

My mother is 89 years old and no matter how many times I explain what I do for a living she can't fathom it. The fact that I work just about anywhere there is internet only adds to the confusion. Most weeks I am remote a couple of days and on site the rest That makes the mess even worse in her mind.

We gave her a very simple computer years ago so she could see pictures and I spent two hours one day doing "phone support" to try and get her to a web site where she could view the proofs from my daughters wedding. Typing the horrendously long URL one letter at a time (try explaining the concept of forward slash vs back slash) was an exercise in frustration for both of us.

Finally we got there and saw some pictures! She was delighted- and then disaster struck-she hit some key and it all went away. Two hours down the drain and we were both spent. We had no energy left to pick up and start over. Another day maybe.

Do you ever feel that way when you are in meetings? You spend two hours listening to the few that always seem to do the majority of the speaking. While others pretend to listen but are actually multitasking email, Facebook or doing some banking.

How is that working for you or your teams/organizations? You leave the room (or worse, the web meeting) feeling spent, not recalling just a few hours later what was covered during the meeting as you rush to the next one to experience the same outcome.

When we do meetings using LEGO Serious Play (LSP) all those anti-patterns end. We engage everyone in the meeting while developing and creating realizable results, solid actions items and plans for execution and energized, committed participants that actually remember what they agreed to support or do. Something surprising happens when your hands and mind work together with the bricks. Concepts become real, explanations and sharing perspectives is easier to relay in the 3D world of LEGOs. And because the models are something we created, we take greater ownership and emotional commitment to the ideas.

Happy with the energy your meetings generate? Then LSP is probably not something to consider.

Looking to break the cycle of ineffective, energy draining, waste of time meetings? We can make that happen for teams and organizations of all sizes. What kind of ROI are you getting from the time your teams spend in meetings? Think about it. Then give us a call.