See what our trainIT alumni are saying about their training experience.

Fantastic inaugural class! Joe and Vickie have a lot of experience to share relating the material to several different “real world” scenarios for us!
— Susan
Joe and Vickie did a great job in taking the complex world of Scaled Agile and presenting it in an understandable manner for the class!
— Bill
As of late last night I am officially certified. Thanks for all your guidance.
— Chad

-As a participant in a recent SAFe 4.0 class facilitated by Joe Snyder and Darryl Massenburg I can say that it was an amazing learning experience. The class was dynamic and they made the material relevant with real life examples. They bring so much experience and insight that you can tell that they live this stuff every day. The LEGO involvement added a whole new dimension that I had never before experienced in a training class. Wow, wow, wow. At the end of the two full days of training instead of feeling drained I was very much energized and excited about using the things I had learned in the class.
— Lee

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for the awesome and unique training we had over the past 2 days. It was a lot of fun, and very interactive which was a plus. It was cool getting a deeper dive into the whole Agile world with examples, info and different activities. Thanks again for everything you did, look forward to seeing this “test” we’ve heard so much about.
— Craig
-Thank you so much for the interesting twist on the training of SAFe. It truly was a unique and unforgettable experience!!
— Carolina

Many thanks to you and and your teaching team for a great class and the use of these transitional tool—there’s no doubt that the entire session and these tools helped us over our recent hurdles and the entire program has benefited…our metrics are beginning to show those results already!!

— -Adam