Fundamentally Agile Kickstart


Fundamentally Agile Kickstart


Agile is more than another way to deliver software and begins with a solid understanding of the Agile Values and Principles. The mechanics of Scrum provide a framework to implement the Agile Values and Principles for teams and organizations.  

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Course Overview

This is a highly interactive learning experience designed to immerse participants and establish a solid understanding of not only what the Values & Principles mean but how to apply them in the workplace effectively.   In this course, the students will learn about: Students will learn about:

  • Agile Values, Principles & Frameworks

  • Difference Between Agile and Waterfall

  • Applying The Agile Values and Principles Leveraging Scrum

  • 5 Levels of Agile Planning

  • Elements & Artifacts Of Scrum

  • Working In Self-Organizing Teams

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Defining & Refining Product Backlog –Continuous Grooming

  • Creating User Stories & Estimating Practice

  • Prioritizing The Product Backlog

  • How To Conduct Scrum Events Effectively

  • The Impediments To Agility & How To Overcome Them

  • Quality Practices

  • Defect Management

Agile and Scrum are deceptively simple and the road to mastery begins here.  The interactivity of this class is designed to immediately provide participants with hands-on practice – setting them up for success as they leave the training environment.  


Target Audience

  • Team Members

  • Team Managers

  • Organization Leadership

  • Business Partners and Stakeholders


1 Day